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Gio. Set 28th, 2023

An internal document from the French government would fully confirm the plan known as the Great Reset .

The most surprising thing is how the contents of this document perfectly correspond to the revelations made by an informant of the Canadian liberal party who in an email leaked on the Reddit website  had anticipated the plans of the globalist elites for the coming months.

This time, however, it is not an email, but a real roadmap in which the phases that will arrive regarding the coronavirus crisis in the coming months are indicated, up to the final goal of the global reset.

Great Reset planned by the New World Order

High Commissioner Great Reset document

Some news agencies, most of all the French Associated Press , have stated that the document is not original, and in this regard they carry an anonymous statement from the government body that would have prepared this table.

However, this blog has received information in the opposite direction from French government sources which instead confirm the authenticity of the document.

The document carries up the heading of the High Commissioner for Planning, a government body officially created by the French government last September through a decree  signed by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who assigned the direction of this body to François Bayrou , former Minister of Justice who resigned in 2017, because he was involved in a  scandal over the illegal use of funds received by the European Parliament .

Macron appears to have catapulted Bayrou into this post as a kind of compensation for losing his post as Keeper of Seals.

The High Commissioner has been assigned generic coordination tasks on various issues such as demographic, environmental, cultural and environmental issues.

This institution resembles a sort of coordination office that the French government uses for the execution of certain political directives.

On this occasion, the body in question would have been given in advance the whole agenda to follow for the next few months regarding the so-called Covid crisis.

In the month of November, which is still underway, there is express talk of lighter closures, and this is what is already happening in some European countries.

In Germany, the authorities have not yet decided to initiate a full lockdown  as several businesses remain open.

In Spain one follows similar direction  with patchy closures, not yet completely carried out on the national territory.

In France, we can already speak of lockdowns similar to those practiced last spring with the closures of many activities considered non-essential.

In December, we move on to the next phase of the plan. There is express talk of an increase in Covid-19 cases and this will be what will justify even stricter measures and almost total closures in France and the rest of Europe that will lead to extremely strict limitations on personal mobility.

This proposition coincides perfectly with what was revealed by the mole of the Canadian Liberal Party.

The increase in cases will most likely be determined by the increase in tests.

Now the authorities are already experimenting with the use of a rapid antigenic swab to facilitate the execution of the tests, but the effectiveness of these diagnostic tests  seems to be even less reliable  than the traditional swab that produces very high amounts of false positives.  equal in several cases 90% .

This test is therefore certainly quicker and more practical to perform, but paradoxically it could lead precisely to the increase in cases foreseen by the information received both from the Canadian informant and from what is described in the French document.

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that this quick swab is coming out right now.

In any case, the next step that will lead to a wave of cases, probably false positives like those recorded so far, will be used to get to the next phase that will begin next year.

The elites have already distributed to executives around the world the agenda to adhere to and the governments are therefore doing nothing but executing a plan already written .

If you do not believe the authenticity of the confidential documents shown, you can consult the official ones. In the vaccine procurement contract between AstraZeneca, the British pharmaceutical company already convicted of fraud in the US, and the countries that will receive the drug,  it expressly speaks of an end to the pandemic  scheduled for next summer, no later than July 2021.

In the same period in which there will be an explosion of new cases, governments will have the task of proceeding with the construction of real concentration camps in which people who refuse to undergo Covid tests will be deported against their will.

Even in this circumstance it is not a crazy “ conspiracy theory “, but of what is already beginning to be officially implemented in some parts of the world.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister  Jacinda Ardern explicitly stated  that people who refuse to perform these tests will be translated into these camps without their consent.

Governments have therefore already begun to build these structures to confine all those who refuse to accept the diktats of the health dictatorship.

The third phase of the Covid operation: unprecedented economic crisis and collapse of society

Once these fields have been built, what can be defined as the third phase in 2021 will begin.

A mutation of the virus is expected for next year that will lead to the new version of the coronavirus, Covid-21 . Both the document of the French High Commissioner and the Canadian politician expressly speak of it.

If one is skeptical about this anticipation as well, one must do nothing but listen to the official voice of the media in the service of global elites.

The Financial Times in its recent article spoke explicitly  of the next “pandemic” coming.

The media terrorist machine will then use the alleged or actual mutation of the virus to create an even greater wave of panic and hysteria than has been seen so far.

Above all, what the elites want most is to drag the whole of humanity into the worst economic crisis that history has ever seen.

This great economic turmoil will create an unprecedented hole in world demand. At this point, the food supply chain will be disrupted .

Business failures will be unprecedented and devastating. Unemployment will rise to unprecedented heights in economic history and the masses will find it difficult to feed themselves.

The French government table describes this sentence and predicts unrest that will bring the social order towards total collapse.

The next step in this phase will be that of militarization. Martial law will be the only way to suppress the mass riots and turmoil caused by what will effectively be a famine.

It will be a situation entirely identical to that brought about by the war, but on a global scale.

The great world destabilization serves to give life to that catalytic event already mentioned by David Rockefeller in 1995 at the United Nations.

This crisis was expressly engineered to create a planned destabilization that would pave the way for the definitive realization of the New World Order .

Once the masses no longer have the necessary jobs and livelihoods, they will be offered a choice; receive universal income.

In Italy, Beppe Grillo, leader of the M5S, recently returned to talk about it in another post on his blog . The M5S was in fact the absolute spokesperson for one of the proposals already put on the agenda by the great globalist circles of the club of Rome and the Bilderberg group.

Globalism wants to lead the whole of humanity towards total deindustrialization, and the end of work as it has been known up to now in capitalist economies.

The termination of work basically serves to deprive the individual of his independence. Only those who accept universal income, government alms, will be enabled to survive.

But only those who accept the terms imposed by the elites will be able to receive it. The conditions have been revealed by the informant Canadian.

The masses buried in debt will be offered to renounce all their personal assets. The end of private property is therefore one of the ultimate ends.

In the globalist dictatorship, there will be a kind of collectivist system in which the concept of personal good will no longer exist.

If you do not accept the universal income and vaccine planned for early summer 2021, you will be confined to concentration camps indefinitely.

Globalism shows his satanic nature: technological man transhuman

This is the final externalization of the globalist ideology in which there is no room for free will. There is only total obedience. The true nature of this philosophy is therefore overtly satanic.

This design openly proposes to destroy humanity and put it in the conditions of a herd of cattle without rights and without any spiritual conscience.

It is the antithesis of the Christian conception which sees man endowed with free will and a spiritual sense that leads him to reject the blind obedience to evil that here has the guise of universal totalitarianism.

By now it is the same members of the global elites who speak openly and publicly about this plan.

Klaus Schwab, one of the members of the Davos forum, another influential circle of globalism, spoke explicitly of the Great Reset as a sort of “fourth industrial revolution ” capable of bringing total control of a person’s mind through the implant. of a microchip in the brain.

It may sound like science fiction, but the elites already have such technology. In  a recent report by Tg1 , a brain microchip designed by Elon Musk and implanted in the brain of a pig is shown.

Through this device, the will of the animal can be completely controlled. And that’s what the New World Order has in mind only that instead of the pig, there are humans.

The conception that the upper echelons of global Freemasonry have regarding humanity is that of a mass of “useless eaters”.

It is a thought that deeply detests humanity and wants to see it reduced to misery and slavery.

The Great Reset is expressly for this. To lead man towards the last phase of the New World Order .

Technology will have the function of depriving man of his identity and making him more like a hybrid between man and machine.

It is the transhumanist philosophy closely linked to Satanist and esoteric thought that reveals itself as the means to destroy the original creation of God.

The final design was therefore amply shown. There is no longer any conspiracy. What was openly stated by some researchers and journalists decades ago, ignored or at worst mocked, is now happening for all to see.

Trump is the ultimate obstacle that separates the world from the New World Order

The elites are left with only one major obstacle and it is Donald Trump, the man who in their plans should never have become president of the United States.

Globalism has given rise to the greatest electoral fraud in the history of America and the world in order to overthrow the American president.

Trump, however, was by no means unprepared for this eventuality and had been preparing for some time to respond to the latest deep state backlash . The proof of this lies in the executive order he signed two years ago , in which harsh sanctions and arrests are foreseen against internal and external actors who have contributed to undermining the regularity of the American electoral process.

However, the Great Reset can only manifest itself through the direct participation of the United States.

It is for this reason that globalist power wants to bring Joe Biden to the White House.

Biden would be nothing more than the puppet president in the hands of the elite who would return America to the New World Order.

If the US falls into the hands of the corrupt democratic politician blackmailed by China, the leading power of globalism at this moment, then there will really be no obstacles, other than Putin’s Russia which would find itself surrounded by the EU, China and the United States.

The world dictatorship will then be inevitable as well as the Great Reset which will enslave all of humanity.

But Trump has gathered a huge amount of evidence of the fraud and is preparing to face the final battle.

There is still about a month to know if the president will be able to win in the competent courts and before the Supreme Court.

Later it will be known whether America will return to the forces of globalism that have dominated it for decades or whether it will definitively exit this plan that wants to give life to the world super-government already hoped for by Winston Churchill in 1950 , thus inevitably causing its definitive failure.

The historic autumn of 2020 is truly about to reach its most important and decisive moment.

The world will soon know whether it will awaken under the sky of absolute tyranny or whether it will be able to see the light again. By Cesare Sacchetti


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