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Lun. Dic 11th, 2023

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean are the ruins of Nan Madol, an ancient city that can be seen on the east coast of Pohnpei Island, between Honolulu and Manila, Micronesia. Could it be that they are the remains of the lost continent? 

The ruins of Nan Madol
The ruins of Nan Madol

For thousands of years it was believed that a lost continent existed. Many historians mention it in their stories and several researchers have taken it upon themselves to find the vestiges.

Now, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there seems to be proof of its existence.

William Ayres, of the University of Oregon, assures that Nan Madol was the capital of the Saudeleur dynasty , which ruled the area between 500 and 1500 AD Currently, only the remains of large temples and buildings built with basalt can be seen.

The complexity of the buildings surprised historians: how did they manage to transport such heavy slabs from the north coast of Ponape? This is the only deposit of this stone.

Nan Madol: evidence of a lost continent?

The history of these ruins is totally unknown. Its origins, its inhabitants, everything is a great mystery.

Obviously, theories and legends about its origin abound. Local stories speak of a “magician” who came from afar, carrying the huge slabs with which they built the buildings.

Other stories speak of large coconut wood rafts, something totally impossible due to the geography of the island.

There are some blocks that are over 14 meters in diameter, so there is no logical explanation as to how they were moved.

Another mystery is the workforce: where does the human capital come from to build such an infrastructure? Even today Pohnpei, the nearest inhabited center, has no more than 35,000 inhabitants.

The mining of precious metals in Pohnpei from the Second World War, after the expulsion of the Japanese, has also brought to light more modern legends.

The door to a lost continent?
The door to a lost continent?

The workers and soldiers have assured that they are witnesses of some indigenous legends. The most surprising is the one that says that Nan Mandol is only the “gateway” to a colossal submerged city.

So this will be the only visible part of Kanimeiso: “Nobody’s city”, where the kings of the Sun lived.

Possible evidence that there is something else

There are a large number of complaints filed where divers in the area have spotted colossal buildings, roads, monoliths covered in coral and algae.

An irrefutable proof that Nan Madol could be just the tip of the iceberg and that the remnants of a  lost continent  could exist on the bottom of the Pacific.

Did you want to build a city near the ancient city of the gods? The legends of magic and wizards speak for themselves, while science cannot explain their construction.

Furthermore, we must also remember that this way of “levitating” objects is not the first time it has been mentioned in ancient cultures.

L’ Egypt , the’ Easter Island , the TibetTihuanaco, lo Stonehenge, tra molti altri monumenti, hanno la levitazione come potenziale modo per spostare rocce colossali nella loro posizione attuale.

Furthermore, the sophisticated technology required to construct such buildings does not appear to be of a civilization close to the time of Christ.

Are they proof that a very advanced civilization inhabited Earth on a lost continent?  Investigations continue so far, but will they really tell us the significance of these ruins? Will they change traditional history?


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