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Dom. Apr 14th, 2024

Could it be that the answer to whether we are alone in the universe resides deep within each of us, encoded in our DNA, just waiting to be revealed?

It’s a heady subject, one that has fascinated humanity for centuries and has even led us to build spaceships to explore the skies beyond our vision.

What if the aliens had already come and gone?  Imagine if they actually visited this planet and left clues of their presence in what makes each of us unique, waiting for the day when we will finally realize the true origin of the human race .

Alien messages in human DNA

Alien messages
Are we the product of evolution or were we created by invisible beings? ( Via YouTube )

All of this may seem a bit far-fetched and well outside the normal channels of scientific discourse, but as Ancient Origins notes , some very distinct minds in the world of science think there may be a connection between human DNA and aliens:

In 2013, two scientists affiliated with the Fesenkov Astrophysics Institute in Kazakhstan published an article in the journal Icarus suggesting that the search for extraterrestrial life should be expanded to include a human DNA survey.

“Physicist Vladimir Sherbak and astrobiologist Maxim Makukov are convinced that we were genetically engineered by beings from another star system . These founders may have done so directly by visiting here hundreds of millions of years ago. Or, they may have sent an information-rich signal into space that reached Earth and somehow triggered alterations in our DNA. Or they may have seeded our planet from space with alien genetic material that evolved elsewhere (presumably on their home planet). “

The idea that we (and our DNA) are products of alien engineering is known as panspermia and has attracted the enthusiastic support of none other than James Crick, co-founder of the DNA double helix . In our planet’s panspermia view, our creators intentionally chose to place their DNA inside humans and then leave us on Earth as a kind of experiment.

How can such a theory be supported? Khazak’s two scientists explain:

“Makukov and Cherbak claim that human DNA appears to have been created with mathematical precision. Simple provisions of the code reveal a set of arithmetic and ideographic schemes of symbolic language. Furthermore, it includes the use of decimal notation and logical transformations that are accurate and systematic. “

“Makukov and Cherbak have identified a specific repeated numerical pattern in the human genetic code. By closely observing the various mathematical ratios, fractions and constants that appear in the calculations and measurements of human DNA, they have discovered multiple instances where the number “37” appears to play a prominent role. “

“In their research paper Icarus, the scientists listed nine cases where the number” 37 “could be derived by performing calculations somehow related to the chemical structure of DNA , and they calculated the odds of this happening randomly at 10 trillion. against one against. “

Codes and symbols
odes and symbols surround us. Could they have a deeper meaning related to our DNA?

Number 37 has relevance when it comes to the human body:

“Expressed in the metric system, the normal body temperature of a human being is 37 degrees Celsius. And according to the latest estimates, there are about 37 trillion cells in the human body. So even outside of its inclusion in our DNA, the number “37” helps to define who we are in some basic ways. This is just as we might expect, if that number were included in the DNA as a sign. “

Clearly, there are even more questions than answers when it comes to DNA or aliens , let alone if a connection can be made between the two. The  human genome has already been partially decoded by scientists, yet we are no closer to proving that intelligent life exists beyond our planet.

The mysteries remain, and in time we may finally discover the answers to them. Until then, all we can do is keep searching.

The Ancient Aliens television program dealt with the idea of ​​DNA and aliens. Here is an excerpt from that episode, turn on automatic translation:


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ET Genetic Code May Be Found In Human DNA, According To Kazakhstan Scientists’ Biological SETI Theory

Did aliens encode hidden messages into human DNA?

Are Alien Messages Encoded in our DNA?

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