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An event that shocked the city of Évora, Portugal, on November 2, 1959. The being of Évora was an extraterrestrial organism captured and analyzed 61 years ago in Portugal.

be from Évora
Part of the documentation of Évora’s being.

It all starts after a UFO sighting  in the city. The director of the Industrial and Commercial School, Joaquim Guedes do Amaral, was in his daily work when his colleagues warned of a strange object flying over Évora .

Amaral positioned a telescope to take a closer look at the object, the clear sky helps to see it clearly.

After half an hour, another UFO  appeared that could be perfectly detailed, describing it as something like a jellyfish .

This object rippled and moved across the sky at high speed, stopping and moving on. Eventually it stopped, remaining steady in the air for about half an hour before setting off at great speed.

As soon as this happened, rare white gelatinous filaments began to fall out in the whole population  . Almost completely covering everything with a thick white layer.

People were evacuated. The armed forces and scientists from the University of Lisbon took samples of the strange organism even though its structure was fragile and difficult to collect.

The analyzes concluded that it was a single-celled organism , perhaps a microbe with unknown characteristics, where did it come from?

Strange being of Évora

For a period of 4 hours some strange “cobwebs” were falling. The acquaintance of Professor Joaquim Conceiçao e Silva, was doing aeronautical training at the Sintra base and also witnessed the events seen at the University.

All these phenomena have been verified by the military and by Conceiçao and Silva. Who years later became Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force.

Professor Joaquin contacted his friend Eugenio, Conceiçao’s father, who was a member of the French Astronomical Society. They both performed tests on the strange substance that appeared to be a creature.

When the plates were placed for analysis, the substance appears to be showing resistance, something not common in any known microorganism on Earth. From that study, a report was prepared that described the following:

“ The microorganism imaged in Évora measures about 4 millimeters, made up of tentacles. Manifest defensive reactions to laboratory test plates. Subsequent studies have shown that its tentacles withstand up to 350 grams of pressure .

At the beginning of the observation it presented different types of color. The central body yellow, the tentacles of intense red color, at the same time the colors were altered giving a brownish yellow that became more and more dark.

being of Évora 2
All this information was lost in a mysterious fire.

Tentacles formed by parallel filaments joined by a gelatinous substance. Each filament was transparent, inside you could see some corpuscles that have increased over time.

The filaments projected with force on the glass plate draw a perfectly defined contact line. At the center of the central body there is an opening in the shape of a mouth, around very fine drawings, perhaps folds or cracks of the substance that composes it.

These observations were made for 2 years, finally the tentacles and the central body were disintegrating “

Hypothesis of origin

They were thought to be jellyfish larvae, discarded because they offered resistance. The second mentioned an as yet undiscovered extremophile type of the atmosphere

The third hypothesis, given by several scientists and researchers, said that the being of Évora was “a strange creature totally unknown to terrestrial biology. It could be considered the first evidence of extraterrestrial life detected . ”

The researchers who have studied this case closely by stating this third hypothesis were: Francisco Mourão Corrêa, Coordinator of Exopolitics of Portugal, Javier Sierra, several biologists and researchers of the UFO phenomenon .

The professors of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon have interrupted the investigations of Professor Joaquim Amaral at the faculty forced not to provide any kind of information to the press.

In 1978 a fire occurred in the Faculty of Science in Lisbon, destroying evidence of being from Évora . Mysteriously, the firefighters placed the fire of the flames very close to the microorganism.

To date, it is not known what happened with the investigation, what or who caused the fire or whether they were entrusted to another agency. Everything seems to indicate that it is an attempt to silence an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

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