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Lun. Giu 17th, 2024

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The Simpsons have been a staple of parody and social criticism for many years and it proves they try to maintain that status with their most recent Halloween episode ”  Treehouse of Horror XXXI  ” is the fourth episode of season 32, originally produced for the season 31.

But almost at the beginning of this there is a scene that tells us what the year 2021 will be like during the first month, and here we tell you what they predict.

A not so promising future

We know that the yellow family series has successfully predicted some events that happened in real life; other times they are simply misinterpretations by fans looking for forced predictions.

On this occasion we have a forecast with a precise date and it seems that, if this comes true, next year nothing good could wait for humanity or at least for the United States.

As part of the ” subtle political critique ” that characterizes the Simpsons today, we can see an introduction to this horror special that Homer must go to vote in.

After the now famous list of things Donald Trump did , we can see that Homer never went to vote and fell asleep.

The city of Springfield will vote for the next president and Marge is in line. Marge calls Homer and asks him why he doesn’t vote. Homer is lying in his hammock and checking his horoscope if he has to vote.

The horoscope says not to vote, so Homer hangs up and falls asleep. He dreams of voting, but hesitates about who to vote for the president. Lisa asks Homer why and if he remembers what happened in the last 4 years. A list shows some of what Trump has been doing in recent years.

Homer votes in a dream, but then Marge wakes him up. Homer says it’s no big deal that he didn’t vote. On January 20, 2021, the city is in ruins with US security robots scattered around the city. Soon the Horsemen of the Apocalypse arrive, with flags that read ” plague “, ” famine “, ” war ” and ” Treehouse of Horror XXXI “!

What do you think of the Simpsons episode? Are we really facing something that will happen not just in January as they predict, if not, in 2021?

The Simpsons: Election Day of Horror

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