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Gio. Set 28th, 2023


It is not exactly a Martian phrase, even if it recalls the way of speaking of Mork, the fictional alien from the television series of the 70s with Robin Williams.

Morse code on the surface of Mars

message in Morse code
Detailed image of the points and lines in the region near the Martian North Pole. NASA / JPL / UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

But it’s a message from Mars: part of the Morse code interpretation of the dots and lines found in the dark dunes near the Martian North Pole , made by the United States Aerospace Agency, NASA.

It is not the first time that scientists have detected that pattern in the sands of Mars, but the new images, taken on February 6, 2016, show in  greater clarity and detail la topografia unica della regione, che ha permesso di “tradurre” il “messaggio”.

And although they caused an uproar among some UFO believers and conspiracy theorists, the dots and lines formed naturally , in the same way as the dunes here on Earth: sculpted by the direction of the wind. .

Wind complexity

In a press release, NASA explained that the marked relief of the patterns in that dune is due to the fact that it is inside a particolare topografia: una depressione circolare probabilmente formata dall’impatto di un asteroide e che ha una quantità limitata di sabbia che può essere trascinata dal vento.

The result is the distinctive lines and dots captured by the High Resolution Image Science Experiment  (  HiRISE  ) camera , which is located on board theMars Reconnaissance Orbiter , che ha fotografato il Pianeta Rosso dalla sua orbita durante l’ultimo decennio.

Detailed image of the points and lines in the region near the Martian North Pole. NASA / JPL / UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

The images have elucidated some of the complexity of the wind patterns on Mars  .

The long “lines” are made up of two-way winds, which means they are winds that blow at right angles against the dune.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been photographing the planet’s surface from its orbit for a decade.

Over time, the wind blowing from one direction to the other spreads the material like a funnel in the form of long dark lines  that can be seen in the detailed images.

On the other hand, the “points”, known as  ” barcanoid ” dunes , are a bit more mysterious. The geophysical think they have formed when something stops the production of linear dunes.

But NASA scientists aren’t quite sure what they might be, precisely why they’re photographing the region.

More analysis

With more observations, geophysicists hope to know more about how dunes form on the surface of Mars and what it can tell us about the likelihood of inhabiting the planet.

As this happens, NASA planetary scientist Veronica Bray translated the message into Morse code and this is what the mysterious sands of Mars say :


Before we get rid of the interstellar dictionary, the message is nothing more than a fun time among geophysicists who take their studies very seriously.

But the serious scientific interpretation of the sands of Mars can help us better understand what it might be like to live on a future base on that planet. Source:  –


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